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Members of the Association are drawn from the Universities, Research Institutes, Industry, Government and persons interested in the promotion of Science and Technology. There are also corporate members.


Full membership is open to Scientists, Technologists, Engineers and Mathematicians (STEM).  Life membership is open to Full members who have paid their subscription for 20 years, or pay 10 years subscription in advance, or at any stage opt to pay to make up a total of 20 years subscription.  Associate membership is open to students of tertiary institutions or any person interested in the promotion of STEM.  Corporate membership is open to firms and other corporate bodies.  Honorary membership is conferred on Ghanaians or non-Ghanaians who have been a source of inspiration or distinguished benefactors to the Association

Annual Dues

Inside Ghana


(a)   Full Member

(b)   Associate (Postgraduate Student) Member

(c)   Associate (Undergraduate Student) Member

(c)    Student Association Member

(d)   Corporate Member



Outside Ghana

a) Full Member (includes postage)

b) Student



- 240.00

- 48.00

- 24.00

- 80.00

- 288.00


- 240.00

- 80.00


(a) Members in all categories have the right to:

  1. attend meetings of the Association for regular knowledge-sharing interactions with scientists and industrialists.
  2. receive attestation and recommendation from the Secretariat for contracts etc.
  3. receive information from the Secretariat on consultancy and other opportunities.
  4. publish their research papers in the journal of the Association at a rebate.
  5. attend conferences, workshops etc at a rebate.
  6. receive privileges as the NEC may from time to time determine.


(b) Full and Life members

  1. have the right to vote in election of officers of the Association and are also eligible to serve as officers or as members of the National and Branch Executive Committees.
  2. are entitled to free copies of the Association’s organ of publication, the Journal of the Ghana Science Association (JGSA)



Click here to view the list of Active Members and Members in Good Standing

To Become a Member
  • fill a form at the Secretariat or on-line
  • pay your dues and you have become a member


(NB: payment can be made in cash, cheque or money transfer payable to the Ghana Science Association)

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